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New artwork at
honeyjones gallery
May '21

Beat Frequency, Bossa Nova, Eta Aquariids
   evoking a sense of rhythm and place in
            the universe...

enamel paintings of Stephen Bergeron

acrylic of Barbara Tratchenberg 
Diane Novetsky, 
and the oil
paintings of
Cécille Ganne

Stephen Bergeron

Solar Panel  II

Solar Panel #2  Enamel on Wood  16" x 24"   $500

Enamels  VIII

Enamel #5  Enamel on Canvas   22" x 28"   $700

Enamels  V

Enamel #8   Enamel on Canvas   22" x 28"   $700

Enamels  III

Enamel #3   Enamel on Wood   16" x 24"   $500

June Moon Union
at honeyjones June '21

celebratory showing of three Montserrat College of Arts graduates with the addition of kisses, flowers, and June in the works of  Stephen Bergeron


The Kiss   Acrylic on Canvas  17" x 9"   $1800

Solar Panel  XIV

Summer Solstice   Acrylic on Canvas   22" x 28"   $900


A Walk in the Park   Acrylic on Canvas   22" x 28"   $900

 July '21 at honeyjones

Solace and Soldade

Images of long-loved, lost not forgotten, places, people, and feelings.

IMG_0731 2.jpg

Armaçāo dos Bùzios

Enamel on Wood  24" x 48"  $2400



Enamel on Wood  24" x 48"  $2400


honeyjones studio
270A Concord Ave
Cambridge, Ma

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